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The following can be solved by combining deduction, analysis and sheer persistence.

The essential facts are these :

1. There are Five Homes, each with different colored Doors,
lived in by people of Different Nationalities who keep different Pets, drink different Beverages          
and smoke different types of Tobaccos.

You are Facing the houses.

2. The Englishman lives in the House with the Red Door.
3. The Spaniard owns a Dog.
4. Coffee is drunk in the House with the Green Door.
5. The Ukrainian drinks Tea.
6. The House with the Green Door is to the right (your right) of the House with the Ivory Door.
7. The Medium Cut(type of tobacco) smoker keeps Snails.
8. Spun Cut(type of tobacco) is smoked in the House with the Yellow Door.
9. Milk is drunk in the Middle House.
10. The Norwegian lives in the House on the Left(your left).
11. The Man who smokes Mixture(type of tobacco) lives in the House next to the Man with a Fox.
12. Spun Cut(type of tobacco) is smoked in the House next to the Man who owns a Horse.
13. The Flake(type of tobacco) smoker drinks Orange Juice.
14. The Japanese Man smokes Rough Cut(type of tobacco).
15. The Norwegian lives next to the House with the Blue Door.

Armed with these clues... Answer these questions...

1. Who drinks Water?
2. Where does the Englishman live?
3. Which House has the Green Door?


4. Who owns the Zebra?
There are (5) five identical squares in this cross,
formed with (16) sixteen match sticks.

Move (3) three match sticks to get (6) six
identical squares. The match sticks overlapping,
breaking or "loose ends" are not allowed.