desert island rules...
Nothing connected to outside world.
Most excellent media players are a given
Must bump 1 item to get another item when a catagory
is full.
Animals come in pairs m/f.
People live or dead, from any time period. Person can
be on two islands as long as a specific time period is
given, unless that person is picked as a whole by
someone else. If no time period is given for a person,
then that person is picked as a whole and cannot be
picked by someone else.
Complete libraries of music, t.v. shows, movies, books,
but must be specific on names and titles.
Sub-island is for people you know, cannot have people
you have slept with. (stares at
jordan's mom)
No copying others picks. Any item/person in any
category (including the 'get off the planet') removes
that item/person from use in any other category.
Unless rule #5 is being used.
Special rules or amendments will happen on a case by
case basis. See below.
Infinite fuel, batteries, bullets etc.
to update your island or start playing, download
and then e-mail it to me.
Items in the 'Swimming' catagory are up for grabbs.
Special Rules...
Once in a while an item will come up that needs to be
examined. Such an item has come up. This item is a
Magic Wand'. The desert island GODS have deemed this
item valid and this item can stay. Great pick
However, this item can only do whatever category it is in.
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